When you surround yourself with amazing people—you will create magic. 

Jessica marie

Jess has been helping businesses, from start-ups to Fortune 500 companies, share their unique stories and capture revenue for 16-years. She is a best-selling author, award-winning marketing executive, and expert on what it takes to grow (authenticity + trust + emotionally engaging content). If you have a dream, she'll help you bring it into the world with her signature style and energy.

CEO & Founder

Erin Martin

Erin spent 17-years killing it as a financial analyst, senior project manager, and VP at a Fortune 500 financial services company. She is an expert at analyzing situations from a macro and micro perspective, setting clear objectives, and inspiring our cross-functional teams to successfully execute strategic goals that drive change, maximize customer satisfaction, and enhance engagement. In short, she is an absolute goddess.

Operations Director

Kait Standal

Content Director

Kait Standal

Kait has been a passionate book-consumer, writer, and overall word nerd for as long as she can remember. Whether it’s website content, infographics, scripts, testimonials, blogs, emails, letters, social posts, headlines, ads, newsletters, collateral, whitepapers, and more; Kait makes sure every clients' content connects deeply with their story through her incredible writing, editing, and proofreading. 

Content Director

Gigi Monstar

Gigi creates a personalized photoshoot experience unlike any other—beginning with an intuitive reading and creating magic by capturing photos of you and your favorite things—the details, textures, patterns, and memories that make you uniquely you. Gigi's intention is to shine a light on all of your inner beauty and bring it out for the world to see. Her shoots are truly amazing and empowering experiences.

Photographer + Intuitive

What do you get when you combine the art of writing + design with the science of algorithms and a dash of magic?

Compelling, captivating + beautiful content that sets you apart.

Here’s how we do it.

We are fearless.


We do what it takes to create beautiful experiences using empathy, authenticity, and trust as our guides. Because the data shows, that if something is not serving you or your community, it will only hold you back.

We advocate fiercely for our clients. Our motto is that you don’t need to hire us—but you should know exactly what you need, how much it should cost, and the best practices before you hire anyone.

We speak and seek the truth, always. With lots of love and healing energy. 

We leverage the Medium Effect. 


We trust our gut because our intuition is steeped in experience, science, and data.

Our entire team brings a deep intensity of gifts that we channel for every client, every day. 

We think nothing is sexier than a well-run, smooth, and uplifting process. In a world that seems chaotic, worships “busy”, and hustles—we streamline, reflect, and finesse. 

La Belle Creative lives and breathes the art and science of creating and growing brands. Based in Wisconsin with clients throughout the world.