Brand Strategy & Website Design

It’s vital for entrepreneurs, speakers, thought leaders, and lifestyle brands make sure their online presence is engaging and reflects who they are and what they stand for. 

At La Belle Creative, we define brand as the promise of an authentic, memorable experience. It's about creating an expectation and delivering it consistently all day, every day. At the heart of every brand is how you make your customers feel.

And that’s what we’re going to help you with. La Belle Creative helps create (or reinvent!) your look and feel. Everything from your color palettes, type treatments and fonts—to design elements, image themes, logos, sub-logos, taglines, and website content—we do it all to ensure your brand is relevant, impactful, and perfectly represents your mission, products and services.  


There is nothing more powerful than a unifying brand experience. 

Every branding project starts with us listening closely to discover who you are and tune into what you want your visual brand to feel like. It ends with all the assets you’ll need to move forward expressing your brand.  

Your logo is only one expression of your brand. Other elements—your collateral, website, social persona, and more—are equally as vital to building a strong brand that people can align themselves with. 

We work with you to make your brand a reflection of style and your story. 

You’ve worked hard to refine and tailor your products, services, and core values. Make sure your website is as radiant as your business. 

Imagine absolutely adoring your brand and website

Imagine the confidence you'll gain having a brand that truly represents your passions, personality, and the hard work you've put into building your dream. Our approach is streamlined, comprehensive, and transformation. We will take you on a journey through every facet of your brand and business: logo design, website design, and marketing strategy. You'll receive everything you need to define your brand, attract your ideal client, and then deeply connect with them.

We'll work with you to select the best site architecture, design, AND create a content plan.  

In addition to making sure your site looks and feels amazing, our priority is to align keywords with the interests of your buyers/target audiences and ensure calls-to-action/offers align with the topics covered in your site's pages.

We are fearless.


We do what it takes to create beautiful experiences using empathy, authenticity, and trust as our guides. Because the data shows, that if something is not serving you or your community, it will only hold you back.

We advocate fiercely for our clients. Our motto is that you don’t need to hire us—but you should know exactly what you need, how much it should cost, and the best practices before you hire anyone.

We speak and seek the truth, always. With lots of love and healing energy. 

We leverage the Medium Effect. 


We trust our gut because our intuition is steeped in experience, science, and data.

Our entire team brings a deep intensity of gifts that we channel for every client, every day. 

We think nothing is sexier than a well-run, smooth, and uplifting process. In a world that seems chaotic, worships “busy”, and hustles—we streamline, reflect, and finesse. 

Here’s what it looks like and what you get

Brand Strategy & Website Design

+ Strategy session to discuss your brand

+ Comprehensive brand questionnaire

+ Curated brand presentation

+ Color inspiration board

+ Logo creation

+ Brand elements

+ Pattern selection

+ Brand style guide

+ Font recommendations

+ Launch graphics



+ Custom 5-page design on Squarespace
+ Curated copywriting for entire website

+ Cohesive blog design

+ Mobile responsive and desktop friendly

+ Comprehensive SEO

+ One-hour website tutorial and website hand-off