Coaching + Strategy Session 

La Belle Creative’s Coaching + Strategy Sessions are instrumental in ensuring your marketing efforts are on-target, effective, and leverage the best platforms for your objectives. 

The results are exactly what you need, whether it's a simple shot of courage to pull the trigger on your website, a roadmap outlining all the actions and activities you need to nail your revenue goals, or coming up with a brand name (or title of your next book) live.


Everything you do now to grow your business is completely related to content, which means it’s vital to get clear on your personal and business values, mission, differentiators, and needs before engaging us—or any marketing partner. 

This is why our virtual coaching and strategy sessions are instrumental. They allow you to fully get clear on and then set your strategic goals, priorities, and then go after them with intention. 

We are fearless.


We do what it takes to create beautiful experiences using empathy, authenticity, and trust as our guides. Because the data shows, that if something is not serving you or your community, it will only hold you back.

We advocate fiercely for our clients. Our motto is that you don’t need to hire us—but you should know exactly what you need, how much it should cost, and the best practices before you hire anyone.

We speak and seek the truth, always. With lots of love and healing energy. 

We leverage the Medium Effect. 


We trust our gut because our intuition is steeped in experience, science, and data.

Our entire team brings a deep intensity of gifts that we channel for every client, every day. 

We think nothing is sexier than a well-run, smooth, and uplifting process. In a world that seems chaotic, worships “busy”, and hustles—we streamline, reflect, and finesse. 

Here’s generally what they look like and what you get

Creative Marketing at it's Best

We kick-off immediately with an intensive discovery questionnaire, which gives us a deep understanding of your origin story and where you’re at now from a business-standpoint.

step 01

step 02

On your call, we’ll get to the heart of the foundational pieces of you: your values, preferences, identity, skills, passions, and how this all relates to your business and goals.

step 03

We will cover your questions. Help you get clear and give you the insights we've gained from helping businesses like yours grow and thrive authentically. 

Not sure what to cover in your sesh? Here are some recent deliverables and insights clients have received during their calls.

70-point website + SEO audit with specific areas to address, fix, and focus on to improve the ability to attract and convert visitors to and within their website.

Ways to can repurpose existing content into new products and sales funnels + increase automation and better engage with audiences.

Completely customized 30-day content calendar. A badass media kit. An inspiring infographic. A submark to complement the primary logo. New product ideas and funnels. And more.